Kbox, the first rigid box, decorated without paper wrapping.

Printing / hot stamping directly on the cardboard

Direct printing (offset, screen printing, hot stamp…) possible on a 13/10 cardboard.

No paper wrapping

No more paper visible inside the box.

Right angles for base and lid.

Specific cardboard developed with the Cartonneries Oudin, compatible with alimentary use.

Other advantages of the Kbox:

  • Very precise marked design in the angles
  • Gold stamping on the edges
  • Possibility of raised and decorated embossing on 5 sides
  • Automatic production possible from 300 units

Very competitive cost price

Short manufacturing circuit, limited transport, reduction of material consumption…

The Kbox, a sustainable innovation:

CNC Packaging commits to the respect of sustainability development principles in order to reduce its environmental footprint as much as possible.

  • 100% French production
  • Reduction of paper consumption, minimization and efficient use of waste
  • Paper and cardboard supplied from sustainably managed forests (FSC)
  • Short manufacturing circuit, limited transport
  • Recycling of wastage (waste reuse by the papermaker)

A unique gluing and shaping line

Base + lid in line in one pass.

100% French machine, developed by CNC Packaging.