SNCA : Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, Living Heritage Company


SNCA has an EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) certification: it’s an acknowledgment of our expertise, and a unique distinction awarded for both economic and technical skills.

SNCA (Cartonnages du Marais) and CNC (Carton Nylon Coton) belong to the same group, SNCA, with production entirely located in Yvelines (France.)

SNCA is a company that has state-of-art technology production lines combined with craft industry expertise by manufacturing boxes and caskets finished entirely manually, and covered with papers, fibres, leather, and other traditional materials. Some creations can not be mechanised, because of their complexity or small quantity.

The EPV label granted to SNCA is a State acknowledgment. Our company has thus been granted with an acknowledgment of its craft and industrial heritage, rated by a professionals’ Commission, Chamber of Artisanal Crafts, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, State services in regions, and finally by a Minister’s opinion that holds the final call.

Holding a rare, exclusive expertise (shared with very few other companies) is an example of how you can be granted the certification. It may also be an expertise that is hard to access through standard training courses and given by the company itself, or by recruiting employees holding an expertise demanding lengthy training, or employees that are hard to recruit or to train.

Logo EPVThe EPV are also performant craft or industrial companies that contribute to the economical and cultural influence of France. SNCA offers prestigious services that are references in this sector of activity: pack, caskets and mounted boxes, folding cardboards and communication supports, PLV and displays, etc.

Our activity is closely linked to the history of our profession. To perpetuate or reintroduce techniques guaranteeing the highest level of quality shows our attachment to tradition and best practices. Special order, unique works, tailor-made, original productions… we are able to meet all your requests in our workshops and factories.

The EPV label also supports the ‘made in France’ concept. Our company has a presence on international markets and therefore exports emblematic French expertise. SNCA is also very grateful to the clients, luxury brands, great Houses and designers that grant us their confidence.

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