ln a unique partnership between Courrèges and Air France, La Fille de l’Air is intended to celebrate the modern women through a fragrance that is like her; airy of course, but also sparkling and sunny.

The fragrance will be avoiloble as a pre-premiere from June 1st on the airline’s routes. lt is a nod to the maison de couture which transported the Courrèges spirit worldwide. The bottle, engraved with the arms of Courrèges, is topped with a solid moss-dyed Surlyn spherical cap. This was quite the technicol challenge, met by Germaplast, with an invisible injection point and spherical perfection.
The case, with its pearl grey sheath designed by SNCA has the distinction of opening with a perfect “U” shaped facing. lt is a very specific folding and gluing technique, automated for the occasion.

Case design and production: SNCA – Cartonnages du Marais – CNC

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